* Mannheimer Abendakademie - this is the institute where I'm teaching photography

* "Stileben" Harald Kröher - my "Guru", amazing nature and nudes photographer, Pirmasens, Germany


* Women's art club "Frauen-Kunst-Kultur", Heppenheim/Bergstraße

* Neurottschule Ketsch, I used to teach arts and photography and I'm still member of their "Kulturbühne"

Patricia Piccante on Instagram, artist & Drag Queen from Lithuania and one of my favorite models

* Sophie Sauvage on Instagram, Drag Queen, Mannheim

* Gaby Brüggemann, pretty abstract painter, Mannheim

* Magdalena Hochgesang, painter friend and colleague; teacher of teachers, Speyer

* Silvia Szabó, fine video and performance artist, Mannheim