I am offering workshops and trainings in Mannheim,  Abendakademie.

* Workshop for beginners (women only!)
* Workshop for beginners - Reloaded (women only)
* Springtime / autumn in Schlossgarten, Schwetzingen
* "Photographic Encounter with visual arts", Kunsthalle Mannheim
* "From Selfie to creative self-promotion", Abendakademie Mannheim

Due to Corona - all my current workshops were cancelled. But we will continue! Please come by a little later to check out the new dates.


You can register here:

Phone 0049621 - 1076-150

Fax 0049621 - 1076-172

Letter: Mannheimer Abendakademie

Postfach 12 12 55

D - 68063 Mannheim